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    Farewell-----------I Have To ------Say


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    Farewell-----------I Have To ------Say

    مُساهمة  عادل 72 في الأربعاء ديسمبر 02, 2009 2:07 am

    Today --------------Only --------- I feel ------Strong

    To you-------------I promise----------will never----regret

    From your restrictions-------------I, ll be all-----------free

    No more appealling I ,ll be------------------asking

    No more tears ----------------I will suffer

    Always ----------------tortured me------------by your


    Endurable------------------you were -----------always

    Limits -------------you impose -------------I can

    No more----------------------------stand

    Farewell -------------I have to say

    Though------------feelings will keep----------always

    But appealing------------------no more will be

    Dear : Farewell --------------I have to say


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    رد: Farewell-----------I Have To ------Say

    مُساهمة  ЌṳẁḁḭṮ في الأربعاء ديسمبر 02, 2009 9:48 am

    thanx alot ,,,

    wonderful words

    keep it up my bro.


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    رد: Farewell-----------I Have To ------Say

    مُساهمة  Admin في الأربعاء ديسمبر 02, 2009 10:50 am

    so meaningful words Exclamation

    god bless you

    waiting your new threads

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